Comedian Tim Warner



September 21st 9pm
Beauty Bar
New York, NY

October 1st 8pm
The Creek & The Cave
Long Island City, NY

November 23rd -
December 7th
Show Times Coming Soon!
Los Angeles, CA &
San Diego, CA

A Guns 'N' Roses Appreciation Podcast

In an effort to get the original Guns 'N' Roses together James Mattern & Tim Warner have created a weekly podcast for all fans that crave one last concert!

Appetite for Christa McAuliffeEPISODE 4:
Appetite for Christa McAuliffe

On July 21, 1987 Geffen Records released a little album you might have heard of: Appetite for Destruction. Considered as one of the most legendary albums in rock music, it has gone to be 18x platinum selling and considered by most to be one of the most influential records of the twentieth century. This week, Tim and James dive into Side 1 and break it down track by track, from “Welcome To The Jungle” to “Paradise City.”

Izzy Stradlin vs. Gilby ClarkeEPISODE 3:
Stradlin vs. Clarke

This week, James and Tim put G n R's rhythm guitarists, Izzy Stradlin (active 1985-1991) and Gilby Clarke (active 1991-1994), up against each other in a bout for who deserves to shred with Slash, Axl and the rest of the band for one last concert. Find out if its the original bad boy or the golden ticket holder.

Steven Adler vs. Matt SorumEPISODE 2:
Drum Off

Not IF–but WHEN–GnR get back together to play one last concert who will be on drums? In one corner we have founding member/goofball: Steven “Popcorn” Adler vs. Use Your Illusions I & II player/former member of The Cult/accomplished musician: Matt Sorum. Listen in on James and Tim as they duke it out for who they’d like to see behind the drum kit.

Deep Down in Paradise City

Introducing Cave Comedy Radio’s newest show: Get in the Ring: a Guns 'N’ Roses appreciation podcast with James Mattern and Tim Warner. In the debut episode the boys break down why they decided to start a show based solely around one band, how G'N'R has influenced their lives and present their mission to get the band back together one last time.

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